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Welcome to The Doubling Theory

Time doubling ? Where? When? How? Why?

A fundamental and universal movement doubles space and time. Discovered by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet in 1988, this movement is found everywhere, from the infinite smallness of particles to the infinite bigness of the universe, within our bodies as well as within our solar system. We evolve on Earth as observers with a perception of time that the fundamental movement determines within this system.

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The Doubling Theory of Time and the Calculation of the Speed of Light


At present, matter, time and space are defined by a standard model. The Higgs boson should have complemented this model. But far from putting everything in its place, this discovery has shown us that, faced with a multitude of inconsistencies, the basic physics has to find a new pathway.

The doubling theory explains several fundamental points by proposing and justifying a new paradigm. Based on the doubling of space and time, this theory implies the doubling of the observers of these spaces and these times. 

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